“A craftsman that will not settle for GOOD enough.”

“I met Russ a little over a year ago. Unfortunately they were already in the process of opening RG. Why unfortunate for me??? because I would have hired him on the spot. His commentary and observations while wandering around my shop told me how rare of an individual he is. A craftsman that will not settle for GOOD enough. Individuals of this caliber that eat,sleep, drink and love cars are hard to find. There are plenty of shops but few that have the passion.We specialize in a different type of vehicle altogether but his interest and comments told me a lot about him. We specialize in vehicles made prior to 1980, but have customers that need someone with later model expertise. I have sent several referrals to Russ and have gotten nothing back but RAVE reviews.

Again Sad for me as I think he would have been a really good asset to my business. You can check us out at http://tandmautomotive-omaha.com/ and hopefully will find that this testimonial did not came easily. I have no time for fluff and puff, only facts and Russ seems to be the same.”

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