We are Russ’ Garage, south eastern Nebraska’s premier independent shop dedicated to Subaru maintenance.

Subarus are our passion.


We can help you with everything from an oil change to an engine change.


We can help you with your regular maintenance needs! Oil changes | Brakes | Fluids | Belts | Spark plugs


Custom part consultations and installation.


Are your parts worn out or need replacing? We can help you get back to 100%


Let us help you get your vehicle back to it’s showroom shape!


We offer a full range of garage services to vehicle owners located through out the midwest.
We specialize in Subaru but can handle just about any job!

  • "I've been coming to Russ' Garage for over ten years. The crew at RG services all 6 of my family's Subarus and I trust them not only with routine maintenance but any modifications and advice. We love RG!!!"

    Christian C
  • "I had a great experience and I will be back! I was made very aware of the work that was completed on my Subaru Forester with a very close estimate on cost. EmJay explained the details of what needed to be done and why. This is the first time I didn't feel the need to research anything before during or after the work because I felt that confident in the work and integrity of this shop. Get your Subie worked on here!!"

    Nick P
  • "Simply the best. I would not bring my WRX anywhere else."

    Justin P


We offer a full range of garage services to vehicle owners located in the greater Omaha area. All auto services are performed by highly qualified mechanics. We can handle just about any problem your Subaru throws at you.


  • Should I consider using synthetic motor oil?

    Synthetic engine oils are produced through a synthesis that takes very small molecules and assembles them into larger molecules with premium lubricating properties. The oil has fewer impurities and can go longer than conventional oils or blends. Synthetic oil can often increase the range at which you change your oil to every 5,000 miles. Turbo vehicles, older cars, and those racing may still need more frequent changes. As always this varies by vehicles and usage! Contact us with with your questions

  • What intervals should I get my vehicle serviced?

    The following miles are a rough guideline on your maintenance schedule. Call us to find out more about what your car might need based on it’s mileage

    • 3,000 Miles
    • 7,500 Miles
    • 15,000 Miles
    • 30,000 Miles
    • 45,000 Miles.
    • 60,000 miles
  • How do I keep track of routine maintenance?

    We at Russ Garage are proud to be the area’s top shop in keeping your vehicle running. We offer all levels of routine maintenance and will help you keep track of your older vehicle’s maintenance & it’s history at our shop. Additionally, newer Subaru vehicles can access their maintenance history through If you have questions call us and we can help you figure things out!

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