If you broke it, he can fix it. Russ has 20 years of experience fixing broken Subarus. FXTs to swaps, N/A to E85 he’s probably owned it, broke it, or fixed it.


She will tell you what it will cost and how long it will take to fix what you broke. Manning the helm of this crazy ship, call her with questions Subaru or otherwise.


A more recent addition to our “If you broke it, he can fix it” team. Factory trained, Jim understands the magic that lives inside your Subaru. If you have classic Subaru needs (1969 to now), he’s probably worked on it or owned one.


He came from the small vehicle/hobby world to us, a whiz kid at wiring, and a  a fresh perspective to the group. Sam is meticulous and it shows in the attention he gives each project.

Shop Dogs:


Correspondence, organization, research, and ranting.


Bodywork consultations, lowness, fitment, and going sideways

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