Frequently Asked Questions

After 20 years as a Subaru mechanic we have just about seen it all. Here are some common questions. If you have more questions feel free to reach out to us!

  • Do you tune?

    WE DO NOT TUNE HERE! Contact BoostedPerformance Tuning or one of the many other legitimate tuners online. We’re more than happy to work with them!

  • I bought all these parts what will you charge me to install them?

    As a general rule we do not install customer supplied parts. Not because we make money selling parts, but 95% of the time the parts provided are WRONG or they are of such poor quality that they will not fit. We know what works and what doesn’t. We can and will advise you on this prior to making your purchases. If we work with you to find the right parts, then we can install.

  • I want to do a turbo swap/ driveline swap my impreza/forester/legacy/_____ Subaru. What does something like that cost?

    In short, A LOT. We typically do not do driveline swaps here as they are labor intensive, which generally blows everyones budgets out of the water. Turbos and boosting applications please contact us directly.

  • I have a JDM swapped Subaru and it's having issues. Can you guys help?

    We absolutely can! We have resources and experience to deal with these unique cars.

  • I want to install a used engine in my Subaru. What do you charge for this?

    We won’t do it. There are too many unknowns to a used engine, and in our experience, it can often cost as much as putting in a new one once all of the problems have been sorted out. We cannot stand behind an engine of unknown provenance, and they will never have a warranty that covers how bad they can be. Most of these factors are out of our control.

  • Do you finance/offer financing for your work?

    We do not offer this. Please contact your bank, credit union, or credit card provider to have that discussion.

  • Your shop rate is really high. Do I have to pay that?

    Our shop rate is very competitive for the services we provide. We do not work cheap, and we do not put out an inferior product. There are numerous other shops in town that would be happy to provide the level of service that you are willing to afford.

  • I watched a youtube video and started installing XXXX parts, and and got in over my head... what do I do now?

    We can help. We cannot diagnose what your issue is over the phone. We need the car here.

  • My car is broken can I drop it off?

    Please do not just have your car towed to the shop or drop it off. We are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Contact us via telephone or email before hand. Things will go much more smoothly than randomly dropping your car off in one of our neighbor’s parking spaces.

  • How long will it take for XXX repair?

    It depends. Most maintenance and repair work can be quoted out of the book, which is generally correct. If you want to do anything else, it DEPENDS because we can only quote based on an estimate of hours. This could include: any sort of custom work, work to correct poor work by another shop (or a previous owner), or restoration/rustoration work (which is time and materials).

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